A person who infuenced or whom

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American Bible Society, The New Testament appeared in The Contemporary English Version is a simplified version of the Bible designed for children and uneducated adults at a fourth grade reading level. It is similar to the Good News Bible previously published by the American Bible Society, though at a lower reading level.

Newman explained in an interview that he and his assistants "did a lot of research with children. We did a lot of research with persons who were not familiar with traditional biblical jargon, persons who are almost street people as a matter of fact, and then we tried to simply listen to the way that people speak We got it by their language, the way they speak, and do our translating accordingly.

Habecker describes the origin of the version thus: Work on the CEV began in when Dr. He meticulously studied the language that people, and especially children, used and were exposed to on a daily basis through books, magazines, newspapers, the movies, and television.

This eclectic and careful study helped him to understand what terms and sentence sructures were most understandable to people who used English in their day to day communication.

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He learned what sorts of constructions confused readers, and even more significantly, he learned which terms and grammatical constructions were likely to be misunderstood by people who heard texts being read aloud. All of this knowledge guided Dr. Newman as he developed translation principles for the Contemporary English Version and as he prepared the draft of the first "test" publication in this translation.

That book, published inwas a collection of Scripture passages on the life of Jesus and was published as an illustrated edition for children. Response to this initial publication was warm, as expected. Teachers and parents loved it, too — many confessing that they enjoyed it for themselves.

People asked when further publications would be available in this same translation. This is something I can understand!

It appears, then, that the version is chiefly the work of Newman, Johns and Berneking, at a time when all of them were employed by the American Bible Society. In the paragraph quoted above Habecker describes Newman as a "distinguished biblical scholar," but he does not seem to have published any important scholarly work, and he is not well known outside of the American Bible Society and the United Bible Societies.

The same is true of Johns and Berneking. Draft copies of the translation were distributed to various people who were asked to review and offer suggestions for improvements.

Contemporary English Version

The reviewers are described as "an international roster of biblical scholars — both Christian and Jewish — as well as linguists, English language experts, specialists in poetry and style, and denominational reviewers," and among them were "representatives of all the Bible Societies around the world with sizeable English-speaking populations, and a list of more than forty UBS Translation Consultants worldwide.

The procedure outlined here differs from most other modern translation projects in that the actual work of translation is attributed to only three men, whose attention was focused primarily on the goal of making the text easy to understand. Ordinarily a committee of translators is comprised of a dozen or more scholars with significant academic attainments, and the comments of reviewers are used to improve the readability of the final product, not for scholarly improvements of the text.

The CEV project was apparently modelled after the process followed in missionary Bible translation projects undertaken by ABS employees in undeveloped countries, where simple draft translations often based upon simple English versions like the CEV are gradually improved by ABS consultants who compare the work with the original language texts.

General Characteristics of the Version The character of the CEV is largely determined by its attempt to put the Bible into words "widely used in everyday speech" by modern readers who are "unfamiliar with typical church language" Creating and Crafting, pp.

A person who infuenced or whom

This inevitably leads to a great deal of interpretation being worked into the text and some problems of inaccuracy, because the books of the Bible were not written for modern children or for adults who are uninitiated.

They were written for adults in ancient times who were already familiar with the religious traditions of ancient Israel. The authors of the New Testament assume that their readers are Christians who are already familiar with the Old Testament books, and also familiar with the "insider's jargon" of the Church.

The language of the New Testament is heavily infuenced by the vocabulary and grammar of the Septuagintwhich is a hybrid of Greek and Hebrew.

Even intelligent and well-educated adults of the present day will have some difficulty understanding the Bible if they lack the appropriate kind of education—the education gained by years of faithful attendance at a church where the Bible is expounded by seminary-trained ministers.

Many of the difficulties that the Bible presents for uninitiated English readers of the present day are not caused by unfamiliar words, but by a lack of background knowledge.

Any neophyte of ancient times would have encountered the same kinds of difficulties in trying to understanding the original text itself.

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For instance, the Bible begins with the statement "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The ancient reader, if he was not a Jew or a Christian, is likely to have been a polytheist, and likely to have misundertood Genesis 1: In order to understand the text it would have been necessary for the reader to be a Christian, or a Jew, or at least someone who is familiar with Judaism or Christianity.Aug 18,  · My parents.


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A person who infuenced or whom

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