Causes of reality tv popularity

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Causes of reality tv popularity

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Published on February 7th, Today: When Oprah Winfrey got fired, it initally devastated her. Then it turned out to be a godsend. While her mother looked for work up North, Oprah lived with her grandmother, Hattie Mae, a Negro maid serving white people and whose dream for Causes of reality tv popularity was that she too would become a maid but hopefully for white people who would treat her with some dignity and respect.

It was there Oprah was taught to read and to recite bible verses by the age of 3. And in church each Sunday, little Oprah absorbed biblical stories and began to dream big possibilities for herself.

But life took a terrible turn for Oprah, when at 6, she was sent to live with Vernita in a Milwaukee ghetto apartment. With different men, her mother had had a daughter Pat when Oprah was 5, a son Jeffrey when Oprah was 6 and it later turned out when Oprah was 9, Vernita had another daughter secretly put up for adoption, coincidentally also named Pat.

While Vernita was away for long hours cleaning homes, Oprah starting at the age of 9 was physically and sexually abused by male relatives and others and she was raped.

Oprah tried to run away but even the home for girls in need had no bed for her. She grew into a troubled teenager who at 14, gave birth to a baby boy, who died in infancy.

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No one could handle Oprah and she was sent to live with her father Vernon, a barber in Nashville, Tennessee. It was just what she needed. He loved her, made her feel safe and secure and he built her self-esteem.

Although he too had little education, he understood the value of an education and had Oprah read a book each week and write a book report for him. He also encouraged her to excel in school and make the most of her life.

She became an honor student and earned a scholarship to Tennessee State University, an historically black school At the time, African Americans were seldom seen on television but Oprah started to see herself as a black version of white television star Barbara Walters and began taking steps to make that dream a reality.

While in high school, Oprah won the Miss Black Tennessee beauty contest and with that visibility and her charm, at 17 she got an on-air radio job with a local black radio station doing the news part-time. WJZ decided she was dull and stiff on the air and noted she regularly mispronounced words.

But rather than put her out on the street, WJZ looked for something else she could do.

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And Oprah blossomed as she never would have as a newswoman for she could be her very personable self. In what at first appeared to be a demotion, turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to her as she found her real calling.

The show became a hit. Then Oprah stunned the entertainment industry by doing something unheard of.Stay ahead of the curve with the latest news and scoops about your favorite TV shows and movies. Today: When Oprah Winfrey got fired, it initally devastated her.

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Then it turned out to be a godsend. Oprah’s story is almost unbelievable and yet it is true. Here’s exactly what Survivor, Big Brother, and all globally successful reality TV programs have in common. Step 1: Select people with idiosyncrasies.

Causes of reality tv popularity

Put them in a group setting - one house, one location, one office, one island, etc. Aug 02,  · The Food Network can now be seen in nearly million American homes and on most nights commands more viewers than any of the cable news channels.

Popularity of Reality Shows Cause and effect essay Television tends to influence people’s life more than they actually think. Some television shows appear to be “real”,such as soap operas and daytime dramas, altering the viewers’ perception of reality by making them blend in fantasy and fiction, but one kind of show has taken over the public attention in the past decade, the reality.

Causes of reality tv popularity

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